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So, my friend hasn’t seen Sherlock past the first episode…



and I showed him this still without saying anything and he replied “Wait, they get married at some point?  That’s really cool!


 I didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Oh the poor soul, he’s going to be so disappointed.


David Tennant On The Red Carpet Of The What We Did On Our Holiday Premiere, 22/09/2014

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Me, taken last week :)


Me, taken last week :)

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I’m in love


I’m in love

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10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

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~* crime scene selfie *~


~* crime scene selfie *~


women: being a woman is hard

men: I thikn youre forgetting something: it is also hard to be a man. just letting you know that you forgot to mention that when you were talking about being a woman

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i really hate this moment.  Mary’s already working them.  she’s made John feel like he’s a terrible person for not forgiving Sherlock and she’s trying to trick Sherlock into liking her.  making him think if he wants to get to John he needs her, that she’s the gate keeper to John.  which she isn’t.

whats greats is that John and Sherlock look past Mary for a few moments and they get these looks on there faces.  both opened mouthed like they want to say something.  John in shock like he’s still dealing with the face that yes Sherlock is alive.

John looks lost.  he looks scared, so much older because of the pain he’s had to go though.  Sherlock turns his body to him and opens his mouth as well just looking at him.  they share pain for a moments.  

the pain of not being together, of that night not working out.  i think John half wants to go back to Sherlock but pride and anger holds him back.  Sherlock of course thinks he’s lost him.  does’t realize that all thats really happened is that he’s woken John up.

Perfect summary of this scene, especially regarding Mary imposing herself as the gatekeeper to John, as the only one with the power to fix this. Sherlock picked a terrible way to stage his revelation, but John always would have come around. He spends the whole of the next day feeling like the clock is dragging through his weird/annoying patients, his thoughts so much on Sherlock that he even thinks or hopes that one of them IS Sherlock in disguise - and is laughing despite himself - and the instant he finishes work, he heads to Baker Street. Nothing could have kept them apart once he knew that Sherlock was still alive. They never needed Mary’s “help” or intervention. They only needed time for John to cool down. That’s it. Because John never could have stayed away.

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I get criticized for taking roles in films like ‘Ghost Rider 2’, but if you look at my resume, dude, I’ve mixed it up as much as I can.

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I am destined to be eternally naked under this silver soft faux fur blanket I just bought. <3

Can I join you, pleaaaaase!?


Benedict Cumberbatch for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine (September 26,2014 issue)